First Blog

When someone asked me if I had ever had a blog, I answered no. I am of the opinion that blogs are meant to entertain, to highlight partial facts, and are a way to escape whatever reality you are in. Blogs are not fair to anyone, they are completely biased to what the writer wants a person to read.

For this blog however, I want to bring to light my biases for one or two specific things, that spice is the best thing next to sliced bread and that wine is meant to be had with almost every meal. I want to challenge everyone that reads this blog to experiment with all recipes that you have or be willing to try something new. For example, I don’t bake. I have zero culinary experience and if one were to ask me how to make creme brûlée at home, I would say, “you’re asking the wrong person!”

If you are reading this and thinking that I’m scrambling or rambling on with no purpose,  good. I’ll try to remain scrambled like a good egg, or maybe I’ll poach your interest and you’ll learn something right alongside me. I look forward to writing more posts and hope you all enjoy the ride.




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